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I started this blog in 2013 as a follow-up to my book on early modern suffering. The blog has broadened somewhat in its theme, compared to the book, but it is still firmly focused on issues relating to the early modern period and, in particular, to the religious controversies of the period.

The blog is intended as an accompaniment to the main Discourses of Suffering website. For technical reasons, the blog and the website are hosted separately, so you can subscribe to either or both - or none! - as you please.

Comments, suggestions, etc., are welcome, both here and on the main site. The blog was migrated to a new host in June 2024, and I am in the process of adding all comments prior to that to the posts themselves. New comments will appear as - well, as new comments!

The early modern period has always fascinated me, and I hope you will find oodles of interesting and useful material both here and on the main site.

John R. Yamamoto-Wilson